In the forest area of the resort located Morshyn sanatorium "Prolisok" - specialized sanatorium for the treatment of children (from 4 to 17 years) with parents. History "sanatorium for children with parents:" Prolisok "begins in December 1979, when Morshyn, the International Year of the Child, was commissioned corps of 500 year-round sites built with funds received from the All-Union initiative.

The total area is 14.62 hectares resort. At the sanatorium is the lake area of 4.4 hectares with a medical beach. The mild climate, beautiful countryside, clean, fresh smell of grass filled the air, silence and other healing Carpathian foothills't make favorable conditions for climatotherapy in the complex treatment of patients.

Sanatorium "Prolisok" is a complex, which includes: dormitory, medical - diagnostic facilities, canteen, club, mineral water pump room, library, classrooms and children's play room.

It should be noted that the sanatorium - spa treatment is conducted in a single package, which is especially useful in the rainy and cold weather. In medical - diagnostic department is necessary (according to profile resort) diagnostic and treatment rooms, equipped with foreign and domestic medical equipment that enables examine and treat patients to date.

Particular attention is provided to patients (children and adults) with zones of high radiation contamination. In the sanatorium developed a special method of treatment, which greatly increase the efficiency of their recovery.

Training - educational and cultural - mass work is part of the treatment process. guests are offered a variety of concerts, plays, movies, parties, walks, working in the nursery Game Festival. For school-age children (1-11 hp) during the school year shall be consulted in mathematics, physics, chemistry, Ukrainian and foreign languages.