Dining room located in the main building of the resort. Dining patients conducted in one shift in the hall at 460 seats. System board - seven days without ordered menu.
In clinical nutrition using all diet prescribed by a doctor. Major dietary tables: № 1, № 2, № 5, № 8, № 9, № 15. In some cases, given the nature of the disease, can be arranged individual meals. He also covered patients with food allergies, disorders of metabolism. While admission to the sanatorium diet patient appoint a doctor, if necessary, directs consult a doctor - a dietitian.
The sanatorium has developed a special program for treating patients with obesity, which plays a significant dietary treatment. Eating these patients supervised by dietician using low-calorie foods (vegetables, fruits, juices, seafood) and unloading days (salad, meat, apple and cheese).
The basis of clinical nutrition of children entrusted seasonal seven-day menu. Children under 11 - 17 fed by one menu with adults and for children aged 4 -10 was prepared separate menu with a greater use of milk, vegetable and fruit dishes.
The menu always uses seasonal fruits and vegetables, juices, broth hips, held throughout the year C-fortification third dishes. Dietary supplements in the diet of children are not used. In order to prevent diseases caused by iodine deficiency in the diet of children used only iodized salt, iodine-enriched products are widely used seafood (sea kale, meats Kril).
Dining at the resort's 4-fold, 6 - meals provided for younger children (4 - 10) and patients on diets 1.5 p, 8, 9.