recreation, health, satisfaction
-         Large bath (6 people)
-         Brooms
-         Pool (2x3 with photon. Illumination)
-         Lounge.
Curative effect bath is a combination of two natural strong stimuli - heat and cold. Such contrasting treatments normalize physiological procession of the human body. Heat soothes and relaxes, and cold bathing tempers and promote the healthy development of the body. Visiting baths give us peace of mind, eliminate neuroses.
Bath has always been used for the treatment and prevention of diseases in children. Attend bath they can only under the supervision of parents. Note that mode first visits baths for both children and adults should be moderate.
Experts believe that regular (once a week) visiting the steam room or sauna beneficial to human health, contributes to hardening of the body, enhances immunity, positive effect on removing mental, emotional and physical fatigue. No wonder there was a tradition to welcome those who poparyvsya the cupola to "Enjoy Your Bath!" And wish them good health.