Archive cultural programs are held for children and adults in the sanatorium "Prolisok".
1.      Demonstrating children's films and cartoons - 3 times tyzhden.Ruhlyvi Games "Merry Starts" outdoors (in the summer) and the club (spring - winter) - 1-2 times a week.
2.      Musical hours - 2 times a week.
3.      Panelists: Lviv Theatre pop miniatures "People and puppets" - 2 times a month;
4.      Musical - Drama Theatre Drohobych - 1 time a month;
5.      Children's dance group "Bravo" Stry - 1 time a month;
6.      Meetings with prominent figures of culture and art Tatiana Frolova (child poet Lviv) and Stephen Tkachuk (kids composer Coloma)
7.      Dancing nights rest - 3 times a week
8.      Days birthday - monthly
9.      Conducting entertainment, dance entertainment for adults and children with competitions, games and holiday greetings with festive events of life - according to plan (monthly)
10. Conducting literary - musical evenings, theatrical shows involving children rest in a sanatorium, funny, intelligent games, themed holidays (according to the plan of educational work in the sanatorium (monthly))
11. Children's art contest - monthly.
Do not most favorite event in the sanatorium is Day birthday.
This holiday - entertainment not only for children but also for adults. Children and their parents in a friendly collective interaction equivalent to admire the game and get great fun. The highlight of Day holiday birthday treat has become tradition celebratory cake, which burn candles.
The organization of leisure activities included concerts of professional and amateur teams, theater, creative meetings - concerts of culture and art, demonstration films, dance evenings - which organizes, develops their training and the club head Tseholnyk BM
In a lively home, relaxed atmosphere themed holidays:
"And every time it was new, holiday celebrations Christmas", "The Day zadyvlenyy in summer", "In the midsummer night", "talent - a gift of God," "Autumn Fair", "Cossack fun", "Gather together all our family "" Beauty is in your name "... This is not the entire list of holidays. With great enthusiasm and curiosity in preparation for the celebration: compiling script educators, learning the song concert room music director Vovchynoyu LL, bright and aesthetic design stage artist Boburchak LY Anyone who is resting in a sanatorium, I want to show my talent, the art of singing or dancing, go on a small stage. From different parts of Ukraine children pass from house mini - CDs with recordings of songs, music for dancing, stage costumes. There is a lively little preparation for the debut. Of course, in this atmosphere, children learn new experience it in their feelings, dreams, learn to respect themselves and those around them, they formed a sense of responsibility and other positive qualities.
Of course, all participants - the holiday or entertainment are not left without a kind word, praise educator. The most active participants receive prizes, certificates for active participation in the event in the sanatorium.
Holiday ended but the impression of him for a long time will cheer the soul adults and children. Remember that such seemingly small things like a successful entertainment child made happy moments of her childhood, it is unique and time for its replacement or improvement we adults have enough. On how the child will feel happy because of their own leisure depends on its active and creative self-disclosure, and therefore the ability to succeed.