Pochaiv (Laura)
750 years, the miraculous icon, incorruptible relics of St.. Job foot Lady, Divine Liturgy at the Assumption Cathedral, the tour of the monastery: three churches, five churches, Lake St. Anna, the holy water.
Mukachevo – Coast
A fascinating journey through the solar Transcarpathia, four mountain passes, medieval castles: Castle Sherborn secular, military castle "Palanok» XIII-XVIII centuries. journey through the city of Mukachevo, check the city coast, swimming in thermal, hot, natural pools, Hungarian cuisine,
Hungarian coffee tasting Transcarpathian wines.
Yaremche - Vorokhta – Bukovel
Hutsul Switzerland, the highest mountain waterfall river rod, fair Hutsul products, horse chair kriselskiy road and sledging, Goverla skyline, Carpathians, skewers, rank, Mushroom soup.
Lake Synevyr
Three mountain passes, "sea eye" Carpathians, Transcarpathia picturesque, unspoiled nature, meadows, national park "Synevirskyy" source "Soimy" rafting, "Koliba."
The capital of Western Ukraine, a great overview tour program of old town, medieval streets, cathedrals Latin Church, Cemeteries, Italian courtyard, a monument to Taras Shevchenko, a pharmacy museum XVI., Powder Tower, the Dominican Cathedral - the concert of organ music.
Center ski resort, Carpathians, place the legendary hero Zakhar Berkut, chair lift, horseback riding.
Journey to the golden gate of Ukraine to Europe, a tour to the city center, walk along the river promenade Oh, Uzhgorod Castle, an ethnographic museum.
Hoshivskyy monastery
Visiting male Monasteries the clear mountain in 1530., Founding family Basilian, Hoshivskyy miraculous icon of Our Lady in 1737., Holy water, check to the convent "Holy Family."
Dovbush Rocks - Stone miracle
Adventure in the core zone of the mountains, historic area, the area of ​​the outlaw movement, attending camp legendary mountaineer fighter for justice XVIII. greatest rock massif in Prykarpattya millennial fabulous rocks, caves and gorges, beech forest, panorama Carpathian Carpathian sparkling waterfall river Sukil, real Boyko "Koliba" skewers, rank, mushroom soup, horseback riding.
The largest waterfall on the Carpathian Mountains, Nature Reserve, Cranberry Mountain, a picturesque mountain lake is dead, mineral Carpathian source Boyko kitchen.
First Customs Ukraine VIII-IV century. on Drohobych, urychivski cliffs, hiking trails to the ruins of a romantic castle principalities XIII. National Park "Skole Beskids", the longest suspension bridge in the Carpathians (120m.), a source of "Living Water."
Tour of the resort, sanatorium "Diamond", "Crystal", "Ruby", "Amber", two well-room, therapeutic water "Yuzya", "Stanislaus", "Bronislava" park.
Wildlife Carpathian valley ghosts Horhany, waterfalls, "Male" and "Female" tears, mountain lakes, national cuisine in the restaurant "Koliba."
Sambor, Drohoby
Organ music concert, ostriches on the farm, the birthplace Sahaidachnogo relics of St.. Valentine.
Lviv evening
The capital of Western Ukraine, romantic tour, Market Square, the Cathedral of "St. George", the residence of the Pope and Roman Catholic churches, the old part of the city, Opera House.
Male Orthodox Monasteries 1611r. four churches, ancient bell tower, the miraculous icon: Nicholas, nevypyvayema ​​bowl meal in the refectory.
Cave maze, a cave monastery of XIII century. Check to Krekhiv and Zhovkva.
Golden Horseshoe
Royal Castles of Ukraine - the three big handsome Olesskiy, Podgoretsky, Zolochevsky.
Evening entertainment
"Koliba", "Bonfire", "Rock", live music, wild dancing.
Museum-Estate Bandera
Home, church, monument.
Boats (rafting) - river rafting stry boat.
Hike to the highest peak of the Carpathians (2061m) with a stop in Yaremcha and Vorohtu.