On this earth do not need to tell a long time - the Carpathians! No wonder they say that the mountains fascinate: who visited here at least once, will try to return again.

Carpathian Mountains - a land of fairy-tale beauty of mountain landscapes, generously instantly crystal water mineral springs. This colorful reflections steep mountain rivers, repeatedly glorified in legends and songs. This is the region warmed by love of its inhabitants, in any season open for all others to join the miracles ...

Carpathian Mountains - a large mountain system in Central - Eastern Europe. It is located in eight states - the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, Austria and Romania - and stretching more than fifteen hundred miles. It distinguished three main components - the Western, Southern and Eastern Carpathians (of which Ukrainian Carpathians). In Ukraine there are just over 10% of the total territory of the Carpathian Mountains, the highest mountain of our country - Hoverla (2061 m). According to one version, the name "Karpaty" comes from the word karpë, that Albanian translated as "stone". According to another, the name of this mountain system are based on the residence here during the Roman Empire Thracian tribe - Carp.

Morshyn resort located in the area of tourism and resorts - Eastern Beskydy. Eastern Beskydy located in the Lviv region. a system of parallel vertebrae, which are dissected by broad river valleys (Dniester, stry and resistance) and basin.

Carpathian Mountains are known for its mineral springs. In addition to conventional mineral water is hot and mineral springs with water temperature 20-80 º C with depth to 800 m.

It has long been within Prykarpattya and Carpathians extracted oil, which was previously called "brine." We used it only for greasing carts. Later began to withdraw from the brine kerosene, which is used for lighting. Heavy oil production began in the mid-nineteenth century, when it was open methods of preparation and use of light fractions.

Rich Prykarpattya of ozokerite. It is often called "mountain wax", "Earth's sap," "fat earth." The formed it with oil as a result of crystallization of heavy fractions. In the late eighteenth - early nineteenth centuries ozokerite used locals for lighting. Demand for him increased, resulting in increased and mining. There was a large number of small businesses. Centre mining district of the city was Borislav and villages Dzvynyach and Starunya.

Over time, "ozokerytna fever" in connection with the organization of production of paraffin gradually fades. Only at the end of last century, when started laying the transatlantic cable telephone and telegraph lines, the demand for increased ozokerite.
Now ozokerite is widely used in various sectors of the economy. In Borislav works ozokerytnyy plant. For medicinal purposes ozokerite use and at the sanatorium "Snowdrop."

Already at the first meeting of the Carpathians can admire their emerald forests, vohnysto-bright meadows carpets.

Indeed, the distinctive green Wonderland of these mountains. When under the canopy of delicate oak flat spring sunlight to awaken the life of blue and saffron cream - white Snowdrops, beech forests on the slopes even okuti winter sleep, and high mountains beckons in its cold embrace of lovers of skiing: Poloninska meadows covered with a continuous snow carpet. Somewhere in the warm volcanic slopes of the Carpathians golden pheasants drunk at the end of winter roses sourish fruits and Montenegro in the wilds of the Carpathian king of beasts - brown bear still asleep in their winter home. Even earlier, in the thickets of mountain tundra, if lucky, you can hear hluharynu song.

Walking forests should take in any season. Whether on the ground in grass cover, or in crowns of trees - everywhere raging life and affect a variety of colors, scents and voices. In early spring the forest full of bird diversity of voices and the smell of swelling buds. In March and April flowering willow, hazel and alder. Here and there where there is snow on his background and fragrant pink flowers isolated cleft bast. In the glade Snowdrops begin to blossom, dark and lungwort zhubnytsya glandular.

Wooded Carpathian Mountains is one third of the total forest area in Ukraine. In general, mountain flora is very rich. An important part of this diversity of rare plants occupy and those brought here from other countries, or vice versa - are found only in the Ukrainian Carpathians. This group from others are low monkshood, primrose poloninsky, currant Carpathian, Carpathian bluebell, saxifrage Carpathian, yew berries.

In June the meadows bloom subalpine zone is listed as endangered east-rhododendron, which grows in small groups. People call it "red rue". This plant can be found in the high places (Chornogory, Svydovets and Marmaros Mountains). Looking at the splendor of color, it is difficult to understand how such a charming and delicate flower can exist in harsh mountain conditions. Wonder about this flower is a lot of legends and songs. One of them is very popular in Ukraine song about love - "Red Rue". In folk medicine twigs with young leaves are used for the treatment of renal diseases.

On the rocks above the reach of the Carpathian gorges vysokohr\'ya flower grows. This is the edelweiss, which locals called "silk kositsya." There are many legends about this flower, one of them says that this flower sown Carpathian sorceress and promised a young boy who will give edelweiss beloved, forever to find a place in her heart. Not feeling the danger of guys went in search of silk flowers. But not only been able to frustrate many - most zryvalysya with rocks and sorceress died in comfort. Bridegroom lamp had little choice but to mourn their loved ones. Their tears annually edelweiss flowers appear in small droplets of nectar.

The pride of the mountains are alpine meadows, often mentioned in songs, tales and legends. In summer you can meet flocks of sheep that feed the shepherds - shepherds.
Carpathians are rightfully regarded as a kind of natural Menagerie. Seventy-four species, ie, three-quarters of all mammals of Ukraine, are natives of the mountains. A typical representative of the oak and beech forests are wild boar, for which acorns and beech nuts - tasty delicacy. On the side of the living representatives of the Transcarpathian ratychnyh, namely a red deer, roe deer and wild pig, and among predators - marten and grace. Resident, but rare inhabitants of these forests are and wild cat. It is similar to domestic cats, but is more weight, smaller ears and shorter tail. Regular visitors are here, too, and lynx and bear. And for example along the rocky riverbed Uholka the valley from time to time comes muskrat) - who comes from North America. With representatives of the Red Book, you can meet a badger, and had kutora burozubka alpine. Among the 8 species of bats are very rare.

In warm areas of Transcarpathia and Bukovina successfully bred pheasants - these, indeed, promising industrial birds, whose number is already about five \'five thousand. In the great honor they not only in forestry but also farmers. It is the only bird, which destroys the Colorado beetle.

In Europe there are only a few of these ecosystems, and most of them are in the mountains. Carpathians - one of the last European regions, which remained viable wolf population, numbering about 400 individuals. For example in the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve constantly live 7.5 wolves, and quickly can be up to thirty individuals.

Many rivers in the Carpathian Mountains, only about 28 thousand. A flow of their rapid and turbulent. Rivers usually shallow, often with rapids. Frequently visited by tourists are waterfalls, especially the most famous - noise, sample, spikes, Kamenka. Often found in the Carpathians traces of ancient glaciation - ice circuses and punishment. It is based on these scenic lakes were formed: Brebeneskul, Maricheika Nesamovyte. The largest lake in the Ukrainian part of this mountain lake is Synevyr.

In sanatorium "Prolisok" year-round excursions to these and other places of the Carpathians. Carpathian Mountains - a unique area that is worth a visit in any season. In winter the Carpathians luring lyzhnykivodna just mention that warms the soul with pleasant memories or wish to visit the mountains. Hutsul song, the voice trembita, inflammatory or interesting dance festival in conjunction with the unique landscapes forever zakohayut host anyone who has ever visited here.