The main purpose of libraries - to help students and teachers to ensure their information needs. Successful implementation of this goal is possible only if the competent planning of all activities of the library.

Library helps implement a unified national program for schools national education and upbringing of children, solves this problem with their methods and means in general terms of the educational process and schools with teaching staff.

The main objective of the library today - teach children to appreciate the book, to feel in her daily needs. Many difficulties along the way and waiting for parents and teachers, and librarians. But ve-bast award. Excellent book read in childhood can keep for life.
Some parents say it is a matter of librarians and teachers. Yes, but who knows better than parents of their child? How often vulnerable infant memory five years retains parental aptly spoken word!

Fruitful cooperation of librarians with parents is an important factor that influences the effectiveness of the school library to promote reading interests of students form their library literacy and culture.

The basis of the library with parents of young readers have a deep study of the role of seven's reading in children. This school librarian and help teachers and children themselves. Parents are invited to visit the library - learn about the room, with the location of books, with lots of children's literature. Closer links  Us is with parents of pupils of primary school. Parents in the library helping their kids in the choice of literature. This often happens when parents attend library lessons in which pupils take part in the ordination of readers, and various public events.

Such activities are conducted conversations about children's reading and its features are given specific advice on management of reading, organizing a home library.