The main natural curative factor Morshyn resort - medical field brines (mineral waters without specific components and properties).

Mineral water areas "Boniface" (source number 1) are presented waters chloride-sulphate-sodium-magnesium composition of mineralization 200 - 250 g  liter. also in brine source number 1 found trace elements copper, zinc, iron, aluminum, strontium, titanium, cobalt, which greatly complements its therapeutic value. The water source number 1 is used in diseases of the digestive system, including chronic gastritis, enterocolitis, hepatobiliary system diseases.

Mineral water areas "Bath" (source number 6) are presented waters sulfate - potassium chloride - magnesium - sodium with general mineralization of 140 - 10 g  liter. it differs from the brine source number 1 high content of sulfates of magnesium and potassium chlorides relatively low in sodium, which gives it a great therapeutic value, especially in diseases of the hepatobiliary system. The apparent positive effect of mineral water source number 6 on the functional state of the stomach, pancreas, intestine, liver and biliary tract.

Mineral water sources "Mother" (source number 4) is represented by low-mineralized water calcium bicarbonate composition with mineralization 0.17 g  liter. It is used in the treatment of patients (adults and children) with chronic pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, and urine acid diathesis.

In the sanatorium operates its own ditch. With peloids and other natural medical factors in the sanatorium use peat mud and ozokerite (which are imported from Borislav deposit) and is used mainly as a heat factor.In the sanatorium mud used in the form of electrotherapy, and ozokerite - as applications.

Sanatorium "Prolisok" has its own mineral water pump room. For mud bog Wooden Velykolyubinskoe mud deposits of the Lviv region. Sanatorium "Snowdrop" year round providing services to improve the health of adults and children. Application of mineral water and other natural medical factors carried by guidelines developed by scientists at Lviv State Medical University and doctors resort.