The real gems on each floor sanatorium "Prolisok" - a children's game room. Here begins the working day with an exciting morning meetings. Care about each other, a sense of security, which is enough in order to share important ideas and experiences, establishing friendly relations, mutual respect and tolerance, willingness to help friends - it is precisely those qualities that reflect the content of the morning meeting.
Every morning teachers devote 20 - 25 minutes to create a positive atmosphere throughout the day. Children and parents who came in the game room with the teacher stand in a circle, join hands and friendly potyskannyam hands acquainted with each other, wishing good mood, sunny dnyny, good health. Short remarks present express their hopes and expectations, which came to the sanatorium. Thus, the "circle" - a little life lesson, which consists of a greeting, a brief update on current date. These classes allow you to master the various social and academic skills, children's pool team.
During these lessons children learn:
This helps them highly skilled, attentive and responsive educators, because every child needs an individual approach. Over thirty years of teaching in the field of a health educators working Malaniy G.Yu., Karychak GP, Natynka NM, Rapiy AM, more than twenty years - Kasheba OO, Pechenyak NM Smith LM, a true master of his craft, good mentors for younger teachers Komarnitskaya N. and Los ND Each of them does not stop there, always looking for new means and ways of training and education of children.
The game room hours are held to communicate, mini - training, competitions, creative work with colored paper, clay, drawing hours, didactic games, games for the interests of children, the presentation of creative works. Because of fatigue and emotional overload of the child from uniformity of work, teachers use a quick change of activity and are useful for handling a variety of exercises. Determination of the activities children are appropriate to their needs and preferences, which are easily and quickly determine the attentive teachers - teachers sanatorium "Snowdrop." With great pleasure children take part in the cognitive, sports - recreational games, recreational tournaments, art exhibitions, and the organization of thematic holidays. The entire system of work aimed at the formation of aesthetic taste, healthy lifestyle, the development of creativity of children and their abilities.