Morshyn resort located at an altitude of 340 m above sea level in a picturesque valley surrounded by pine and deciduous forests. The resort Berezhnytsya crosses the river, dividing it into two parts - the mountains are covered with dense forests and plains, woodland park, where he placed sanatorium institutions.

Climate m 'which is the average temperature in summer 20 ° C in winter -4 ° C.

On the average temperature (7,6 °) Morshyn resorts close to the Caucasus, in particular to Kislovodsk (7,7 °). The most hot months Morshyn July and August with average temperatures around 22 °. The coldest - January (- 4 °). Relatively warm spring months, the temperature of the spring season, an average of about 14 °. Autumn is cold, the average temperature - about 12 °.

The first written mention of Morshyn dated January 2, 1482 in the court record, which mentioned that the village belonged Morshyn Shlyakhtich Yuri (Yuhnu) Nahvazdanu. Already in those days, farmers in Morshyn used source of brine for salt decoction. The name "bath", which are still found in the names of settlements, indicate use of a special room - "bath" in which vyparyuvaly with brine and salt. In 1875, city life has quickened, as the railroad was built through Morshyn Stry Stanislav. Of that time the owner Morshyn merchant Boniface Shtiller attracted people to the picturesque area, which now had connections.

In 1879, organized two mine pits, which are named after the owner of the resort Shtillera and his wife - "Boniface" and "Magdalena" (now the source № 1, № 2). In the same year found another source, which gives ultraprisnu water - the source of the Mother of God, or the source of number 4.

Holiday season in 1880 opened a new name - "Treatment of mineral waters and mud." Morshyn was curative mud resort.

Today Morshyn one of the popular resorts of Ukraine. Located 80 km from the ancient Ukrainian city of Lviv and in 95 of another ancient city Ivano - Frankivsk. He is famous for its unique mineral waters, which were successfully used to treat liver disease, biliary tract, gastro - intestinal tract, pancreas, and concomitant cardio - vascular, nervous and urogenital systems, metabolic disorders.