Rocky-cave complex Dovbush Rocks - a unique monument of history and nature of post-glacial period. Located near the village Bubnyshche in urochyschi Bubnyshche, Ivano-Frankivsk region, in the newly created Polyanytskoho Regional Park.

The geological nature monument "Dovbush Rocks" - a natural fortress period X century - lies at an altitude of 668 m above sea level. It is a rocky performances sandstone height of 80 m, formed 70 million years ago at the bottom of the sea. Stone maze width of 200 m extends from east to west almost 1 km above it - beech and spruce forests. In X-XII centuries. BC there existed a pagan sanctuary - paleoobservatoriya. According to legend, in the XVII-XVIII centuries encamped here opryshky who used the cave during storage.

Unique rock complex is named after the legendary opryshky Oleksa Dovbush. It is unique in its shape and location of the accumulation of huge rocks, stones, reminiscent of the amazing creatures pokrayane deep, always dark ravines, pits, secret passages and paths.

Having broken stones in caves, houses, grooves, steps, scientists concluded that the rocks used by people who lived here in the tenth century, at home and as a fortress. Cave rooms have clear geometric forms, correct proportions, level surface of vertical walls, very accurate squareness, clean ceiling treatment.

About Bubnyshche once wrote John Franco in his work "Bubnyshche" Hrushevsky identified Dovbush rocks as a defense rocky-cave complex.

Remains of 80% of traces of building complex will play in the most likely form - a single set of wooden fortifications petroglyphs, which will certainly impress and capture the imagination of tourists and sightseers, will add attractiveness unique natural phenomenon.