This corner of the earth covered with ancient myths. Drevlyansky buried near Prince Svyatoslav, who died here in 1015, and the mountains walks the spirit of the legendary Oleksy Dovbusha.Ale today "Yugoslav" is known primarily as the largest Ukrainian ski resort.

Yugoslav (Yugoslav) - center of winter sports, tourism and recreation in a picturesque valley and Slavko year resistance at an altitude of 501 meters above sea level. This corner was the mecca of winter sports in winter and summer tourist destination. Natural location and Beskid ranges around Gorgan Slavskaya, creates a unique microclimate that provides consistent windless weather with plenty of snow precipitation in winter and stable maintenance of snow almost to April. In the summer see beautiful landscapes of evergreen coniferous forests in Skane mountains that is the key to a proper rest and recovery. In the Yugoslav laid a few ski trails of European importance. They operate a chair and 15 bugelnyh lifts that lift for an hour over 7000 skiers. Length chair lift at Mount Trostyan is 2750 m rope tow, located on the mountain, with length from 600 to 1200 m. The variety of terrain and difficulty level tracks can relax as a novice amateur and experienced athletes.