Since 1979 (since the opening of the sanatorium) manages the sanatorium chief physician of a limited liability company "sanatorium for children with parents:" Snowdrop "resort Morshyn Babkevych Peter P., a physician with 43 years of experience, which has a higher level of proficiency of the organization and management of health, has the honorary title "Honored Doctor of Ukraine", the holder of "Excellent Health" in the sanatorium are 8 physicians with a higher category, 7 - the first and a doctor from the second category. Much of the doctors have experience over 25 years.

Therapeutic spa department has three doctors - physician and a physician – gastroenterologist.

In the pediatric ward health center operates four doctors - pediatricians with higher qualifying category, among them also a doctor - a children's therapist and reflexologist.

In the offices of medical - diagnostic department physician working with ultrasound diagnosis, the doctor of functional diagnostics, two instructors with exercise therapy, these doctors are narrow specialists:

-        Dietician;

-        Physician, physical therapist;

-        Doctor-endoscopist;

-        Laboratory Doctor of Clinical Biochemistry;

-        Medical laboratory assistant Clinical Laboratory;

-        Two doctors - dentists;

-        Physician - urologist;

-        A doctor - gynecologist;

-        Pediatric otolaryngologist;

-        A doctor - proctologist;

-        Physician - radiologist.


Your little jig and know-all extremely active and energetic, and why you are concerned about the question: Are not they zasumuyut in our sanatorium? Will it interesting here? Will hold with your chomuchkamy classes, competitions, games? ... Do not worry! Sanatorium "Snowdrop" - it is your discovery! Because we have excellent teachers that their professional skill of the teacher and mentor will be able to interest inexorable fidget and unobtrusively direct their rampant activity in the right direction, and sincerity, frankness and care must be able zapolonyty little hearts.

Of course, increasing the child each day exploring the world around, takes the information, selects what it seems interesting. But interesting, bright and new, familiar and routine, quickly get bored. Therefore, changing the location, children waiting for something new. That is why educators choose resorts creative educational process. After all, nothing decorates mediocrity like holidays, amount to start, Cossack's fun, Issue stinnivok, KVK, Brain - rings, training and other educational activities. Cultural massive work of teachers - teachers sanatorium "Prolisok" is aimed at implementation of cross-program "Know Your Country" for 2007 - 2012 years in order to:

-        National - patriotic education;

-        Revival of national traditions and customs of his native land;

-        The history of his native land, the history of their country;

-        Preservation of cultural values of the child;

-        Attention to education of human values and virtues;

-        The development of intelligent, searching abilities of children;

-        Promoting healthy lifestyles among children and youth.


The basic principle of the teaching staff sanatorium "Prolisok" is the use of modern achievements age Psychophysiology, innovative teaching and training technologies for the successful development of cognitive, intellectual, creative, spiritual and physical abilities of children under conservation reserves and increase their physical, mental and socio-cultural health'I. Special attention is humanely - personal approach, which implements in practice the ideas of respect and love for the child, optimistic faith in its creative forces, based on understanding and mutual understanding. The priority is the issue of Health's children with parents, educators due to health systems - educational work.