The sanatorium is: ingestion of mineral water, balanced nutrition therapy, physiotherapy, peloidoterapiya, psychotherapy, herbal medicine, massage, coniferous - mineral and whirlpool baths, hydropathy, elektrosvitlo therapy, magneto - and laser therapy, inhalation, reflexology, aerotherapy,. In the dental office is held metal prosthesis.

The main natural curative factor Morshyn resort - medical field brines (mineral waters without specific components and properties).

Mineral water area "Boniface" presented waters chloride-sulphate-sodium-magnesium composition of mineralization 200 - 250 g  liter.

Mineral water areas "Bath" represented the waters of sulfate-magnesium-chloride sodium composition of mineralization 140 - 160 g  liter.

Sanatorium "Prolisok" has its own mineral water pump room. For mud bog  Wooden Velykolyubinskoe mud deposits of the Lviv region. Sanatorium "Prolisok" year round providing services to improve the health of adults and children.

Application of mineral water and other natural medical factors carried by guidelines developed by scientists at Lviv State Medical University and doctors resort.

Sanatorium - spa treatment at your own medical - diagnostic base, which is equipped with modern medical equipment.